Thursday, November 28, 2013

28 November 2013 Throw another log into the stove

Cassi Creek:  Temperature fell to 16°F last night.  There was light snow after dark and the deck and steps became icy again despite a dose of de-icer.  This morning I spread more de-icer on the deck, swept the snow off the grill, and am trying to decide whether to smoke the duck outdoors or roast it inside.  I’m making a cranberry-pistachio chutney to accompany a Chinese flavored duck, and Brussels sprouts with chestnuts.  I made a baked pumpkin custard for Gloria, yesterday, for her dessert.  I have a chocolate fudge pie in the freezer. 
          We’re running through a lot of firewood this month. 
Had a long, enjoyable phone call from my older son this evening.
Happy Thanksgiving to all
Chag Sameach


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