Monday, November 11, 2013

11-11-2013 Veterans’ Day 2013

Cassi Creek:

Norma Jean Baty – Army Nurse Cadet Corps 1944

My mother is the last member of our family to have served in the United States Armed Forces during WWII.  She was in the pipeline for overseas duty when the war in Europe ended.  After the end of the war, she spent 50 years working in various capacities as an RN.  Following her retirement from nursing, she has donated thousands of hours as a volunteer at state and local levels.  She was just presented with an award proclaiming her Auxilerarian of the year for her volunteer labors
          Gloria’s father was in the first medical unit to enter Dachau and organized the first Seder to take place there.  Her uncles served in both theaters. 
          My side of the family served in North Africa, Italy, in the Aleutians, and at Iwo Jima. 
          What amazing men and women!

Who we were and are.
While only a fraction of a percent of the country's population is currently serving, 7 percent of the population is veterans. There are 22,658,000 veterans in America today, just 8 percent of which are female.

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