Wednesday, November 13, 2013

13 November 2013 Ain’t gonna shop at Maggie’s Farm

Cassi Creek:  the annual holiday hysteria is nearly upon us.  The major chain/big box stores have decided that Thanksgiving is just another day to lure the foolish and the easily manipulated into their stores. 
          One chain is planning to be open 41 hours on Thanksgiving and the following Friday. 
          As for me, I have no intention of falling prey to such madness.  I hate mobs, I hate checkout lines, I hate Christmas muzak, and I would rather spend my Thanksgiving cooking a duck and other goodies for Gloria and me. 
          Equally abnormal, by modern American guidelines for behavior, I will not spend my time watching football in any form or fashion. 
          So until 2014 rolls around I will avoid any stores but those selling food and beverages.  If enough of us do this, perhaps we can end the annual custom of breaking down doors and trampling strangers in order to grab the items we’ve been told we can’t live without.  Join me!

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