Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 November 2013 Veterans’ Day is over roll up the banners

Cassi Creek:  Yesterday many chain eateries offered free food of some sort to all veterans who showed up with proof of service.  Active duty and Reserve troops were included by some chains.  Golden Corral has been offering such meals to vets for some time.  Over the last decade, the practice has expanded.  Some places offer only pancakes.  Some offer full breakfasts.  Some offer lunches, others offer only an appetizer.  Then there are places that provide full meals. 
          The local FATZ restaurant in Greeneville TN has been providing meals for vets on 11 Nov. for some time, strictly as a local decision.  This year the chain joined in.  The reward for vets was any entrée up to $15.00. 
          We drove into Greeneville last night.  FATZ has made some effort providing something beyond fried food.  There are some menu items Gloria can eat without too much worry.  We left home at 1720 and parked at FATZ about 1750.  The parking lot was packed; the outer waiting area was mobbed.  The projected wait was 45-60 minutes.   We were actually seated around 1930 and our meals were served about 2000.  The store manager came by, sat down, and thanked us for joining in the event.  She was trying to thank every veteran she could find.            The wait was longer than we anticipated and it grew chilly outdoors before we could move indoors to wait.  The employees were extremely polite, worked hard to seat, and serve a large number of vets and their family members. 
          I’m certain that the give-away meal event brought in a large amount of coincidental, non-discounted, revenue.  Honestly, I hope it did.  It was rather nice to be rewarded for having served in uniform. 
          Today did the hike with Mike.  Returned his electric guitar with thanks.  We started the hike dry.  Halfway back, we noticed some light raindrops with occasional tiny snowflakes.  By the time we returned to Mike’s, it was raining lightly.  As I brought Loki up the steps and into the house, moderate rain was falling.  It has rained off and on since then.  I managed to top off the salt in the well filters and changed out two light bulbs in the filter shack before 1100.  About 1145, we began to notice snowflakes mixed with the rain.  Now, at 1145, we have light snow, large flakes and a heavy bird presence at the feeders. 
          As for Veterans’ Day, most public acclamation has ended and the banners and podiums have been put away for another year.  The politicians have all given their patriotic speeches praising our veterans and those still serving.  Of course, none of them chose to mention that Congress has just cut the amount of food stamp assistance received by military families and veterans, pushing our troops further toward the poverty level. 

          Happy Veterans’ Day from a grateful nation and a hypocritical Congress.  

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