Saturday, November 16, 2013

16 November 2013 Dog rules and other miscellany

Cassi Creek  Dogs seem to have their own set of operational rules that vary from dog to dog and must be taught to them in puppy school.
          Our previous dog, Shelly, had several games she seemed to have invented.  The most unique behavior involved a toy frog, which she would throw into the pool.  The frog would travel around as the filters pulled water.  At some point defined only in a dog’s brain, she would trot around the pool and grab the frog.  Then, she’d drop it into the pool for another circuit. 
          She also felt compelled to stick her head between fence pickets and metalwork. 
          Tova was compelled to bark incessantly for no apparent reason. 
          Loki, current resident dog, fights a never-ending battle with the squirrels over possession of the platform bird feeder.  The squirrels are allowed to be on the deck floor, on the uprights and rails, and on the ground beneath the platform feeder.  Loki will watch them and do nothing that threatens a squirrel.  The minute one lays a paw on the feeder, she changes from guard to attack mode.  She begins ,muttering and growling, goes to the door, and waits for us to open the door so that she can chase the rodents away and pursue them.  It seems to require about four pursuit cycles before the squirrels give up for the morning or afternoon.  Loki will play this game, with her own defined limits until she’s worn out or until the rodents give up for the day. 
          We’ve made attempts to modify her game.  When she enters pursuit mode, she will leap after her targets.  Only the need to choose between multiple targets running in multiple directions has kept her from catching one of them.  If there are squirrels at the foot of the deck stairs, we can get her to the door but her game changes and she merely walks out to the stairs, looks at the running rodents and then at us before turning and reentering the house. 

          Dog rules seem never to be the same from dog to dog.  Your dog’s rules may be as unique as ours. 


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