Friday, November 29, 2013

29 November 2013 Didn’t get nothing Had to pick up the garbage in the snow

Cassi Creek:  Yesterday didn’t quite go as planned. 
          After prepping the duck and getting the grill ready, I suddenly realized that my wedding ring was missing from my hand.  Instant anxiety! 
          The charcoal was already burning.  The wood stove had been cleaned, all the ashes removed to a galvanized bucket that lives outdoors.  The trash, including all the dinner prep trash and garbage, had been bagged and dragged out to the trash cart. 
          We spent 30 minutes or so looking at possible locations it might have found after dropping from my finger.  I went through all the gloves I had worn to clean the stove, bring in wood, and take out trash, to no avail. 
          The next step was to go through all the garbage in the trash cart.  We donned latex gloves and pulled every trash bag out for dissection and discovery.  No ring appeared, magically or otherwise.  After picking up the garbage in the snow – yes, we really did do that on Thanksgiving – we were at a loss.  I ran the garbage a 3rd time, hoping for some sort of magical outcome but knowing one would not appear. 
          Dinner was served, along with a surprise phone call from my older son, Joshua.  Unable to ignore the missing ring, I went out with a flashlight to attempt finding it by reflection.  Again, nothing.  By this time, I’m thinking metal detector and Gloria is pricing new wedding rings. 
          About 2100 I took Loki outside.  I put on a pair of gloves I’d worn and searched several times yesterday.  I decided I would set the alarm for 0 dark thirty this morning and dump all the garbage and trash onto a tarp in a last desperate attempt to find my ring.  On the way, back inside I felt something hard brush a fingertip I held that position until returning inside, let Loki off lead, and started exploring the seams and folds of my fold-back fingerless mittens, in a finger pocket between two seams was my ring. 
          Turned out to be a great end to the day.  I don’t know if the dump was closed or not.

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