Thursday, November 21, 2013

21 November 2013 Everybody drag your feet

Cassi Creek: 

Boeing cargo jet to take off from Wichita airport's short runway

By Tom Watkins and Ed Payne, CNN

November 21, 2013 -- Updated 1430 GMT (2230 HKT)

This must have been a real exercise in bowel control.  Planting a cargo carrying 747 onto a landing strip 3000 feet too short for designed operational envelope can’t be fun.  On the other hand, the crew and plane landed safely and probably now hold some sort of aviation record.
I’d like to see them get this plane safely airborne.  My best guess is that they will have to use JATO/RATO bottles to compensate for the missing take space.
Since the U.S. Congress is still intent upon screwing everything up here’s a bit of science the GOP/teavangelists can blame on whomever they think that they can blame and get their voter base to believe.  Shouldn’t be difficult at all.

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