Sunday, November 24, 2013

24 November 2013 Take off your old coat

Cassi Creek:  Shortly after we moved to TN, it became apparent that I needed to replace my Gore-Tex shell parka.  I had donated my 16 year old Marmot shell, a first generation product that had begun to leak badly, to one of the charity organizations. 
I found a great shell in the LLBean catalog, I bought the down vest insert for it the first winter we lived here.  I decided to hold on the shell.  By the next winter, I realized I needed the shell as well.  To my surprise, it was no longer listed in the catalog.  I called the company and they found one in the returns warehouse in the guide gold color I wanted.  I paid, it arrived here, and I have worn it through rain, snow, wind, and other foul weather ever since.
          Last Wednesday I noticed that the Gore-tex tapes around the water resistant zippers had begun to delaminate.  Every time I put the shell on, the damage became more apparent. 
          What to do?  I called LLBean and told them my favorite shell was failing in function.  They did what most companies don’t, offered a replacement  They are sending me the current analog to my Mountain Guide Jacket.  The color won’t stand out like the school bus effect Gloria laughs about when I wear my current shell. But the cayenne color should provide a moderate degree of visibility that may make it safer to walk around these roads in rainy, misty, or cold days. 
          The new one has shipped.  When it arrives, I’ll pack up the old one and send it back to LLBean.  They never questioned me about use or misuse, took my work for what I recalled paying for it, and demonstrated why I spend most of my clothing money with them. 
Gore-Tex – laminate (film)  at 6 years.

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