Friday, November 15, 2013

15 November 2013 Poached salmon OK, poached turkey not OK

Cassi Creek:  The bad neighbors across the road continue to burn through big bore ammunition as if it is cheap firecrackers.  Nearly every day we hear them shooting at something or some place.  With big bore ammo at $1.00 or more per round, if available, they’re wasting lots of ammo.  Most of the time it seems as if they are not shooting for accuracy, but to see how quickly they can empty a magazine.  It’s not my money or my ammunition.  But I worry about the possibility of stupid intersecting with chemical impairment and firearms. 
          Elsewhere in the valley, we hear more distant single rifle or shotgun reports.  The turkeys are back in the area and thanksgiving is approaching.  If I had to wager, I’d bet that the single shots are being fired by folks laying in a wild turkey for the holidays. 
          We have had turkeys showing up for about a week now.  They have discovered the seeds and corn left from the bird and squirrel feeding stations Gloria maintains daily.  There is enough spilled seed to bring the turkeys almost close enough to brain with a skillet.  Certainly, I could hunker down in a blind on the back deck and harvest a turkey or two.  However, I don’t have a turkey permit and don’t want to violate fish and game laws.  Poaching game is just not something I’m willing to do.  Poaching salmon provides a decent meal and doesn’t cause me to be at risk of losing my firearms and tackle. 
          The forecast is for rain but no freezing precipitation tonight.  I’ve brought in enough firewood for the night. Debating driving over to Greeneville to get a haircut.  We’ll see whether I can summon the interest and energy to make the trip.

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