Sunday, June 9, 2013

9 June 2013 Another 10 degrees would help

Cassi Creek: The pool has been open and available for three weeks.  Using the solar blanket for heat, we’ve obtained a water temp of 74 °F.   It would be better for Gloria if we could get the temp up 10 degrees. 
          The cost of replacing parts on the existing heater is higher than the cost of a new heater.  Fortunately we found a used heater that is supposed to be barely used and in working condition.  It was even affordable.  The heating/cooling company that is supposed to install the heater is backed up at least two weeks. 
          The last three weeks have been mostly rainy and overcast.  Not the best environment to warm an in ground pool with a solar blanket.  However, the blanket keeps the pool cleaner than it would be otherwise.  And the cooler air temps decrease the amount of chemicals needed to maintain a clean and clear, balanced water column. 
          To be continued. 
After note: The gutter company did arrive yesterday, only an hour later than promised.  They worked quickly, safely, and left with only a few corrections/corrections to be finished Wednesday.  We liked what they did complete and paid them.  I suspect we’ll find out how the new gutters work before dark. 

Danger in 3-D: The Rapid Spread of Printable Pistols

          I’ve been hearing about this for some time now.  I am uncomfortable with it on many levels. 
          While we can attempt to deny people with mental health problems access to firearms, it becomes a much more difficult task if those hopefully excluded people need only a 3-D printer to circumvent new or existing regulations. 
          The designer in this article obviously thinks he needs some sort of protection from a hostile government just waiting to confiscate his firearms.  Providing a means for the external terrorists that most 2nd amendment freaks claim to hate is not the act of a responsible citizen in this or any other nation. 
          I have no problem with registering firearms.  I do have a serious problem with back door and parking lot sales/trades that circumvent current laws.  Unlike my neighbors and the NRA, I don’t believe that Obama’s forces are poised to sweep up all privately owned firearms.  Cheney was much more likely to favor widespread firearms seizures. 

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