Thursday, June 13, 2013

13 June 2013 Water water everywhere

Cassi Creek: From the rind on the ancient marinara

  We drove into Jonesborough this afternoon.  Between 1330 and 1500 line of thunderstorms rolled through.  We left at 1515 to return home.  At that time, there was no rain but it was imminent.  When it hit, it hit with a vengeance.  It is ca 9 miles from Jonesborough to the TN 107 / 81 junction.  We pulled off once to wait for better visibility.  We noticed many branches and trees down, the road was blocked at two points that we know of by trees and lines.  The alternate roads were all blocked by ponding accumulations and/or flash flooding across the roads.  As long as I could see yellow lines and oncoming traffic, I was able to cross these points.  At the final obstacle, the line was visible but the flow velocity and volume were rather frightening.  Since the water was rising on both sides of us, I used a large truck in the oncoming lane to break the water flow and provide more stability for us.  I’d rather not do that again. 
          It took us over an hour and a half to get home.  There was no damage or high water here.  No film at 2300.

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