Thursday, June 6, 2013

6 June 2013 Like any other day at the beach

What do you recall about D-Day?  Take the quiz below.

          Amphibious assault was the method of choice for mounting an invasion during the WWII period.  Whether the intended target was in North Africa, an island in the Mediterranean, a Pacific atoll or island chain, or into “Fortress Europe”  British and American forces had to attack and capture territory from the beaches inward. 
          Every amphibious landing resulted in brutal casualty figures as men waded ashore under withering fire from the enemy forces intent upon repelling the invaders.  The Marine Corp and Army spent agonizing months island hopping toward the Japanese home islands.  The Navy fought many battles at sea to deliver, defend, and resupply the men on the beaches. 
          The D-Day invasion of Normandy goes into the history books as the biggest, bloodiest, most violently opposed and most desperate ventures in modern warfare.  We just lost the last WWII veteran to serve in the U.S. Congress.  The remaining WWII veterans are rapidly leaving this life.  It is incumbent upon those of us who still recall their sacrifices to maintain and pass on the courage and determination of the men who stepped off the landing craft into neck-deep cold water and waded ashore to begin the final phase of WWII in Europe.

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