Monday, June 17, 2013

17 June 2013 What I want to know, how does this song go?

“Editorial: The awful, terrible, unavoidable choice on Syria
So now the Arab Spring of 2011 will become the U.S. Summer of Syria in 2013. And no doubt the fall and winter of Syria, too, and in all likelihood, not just in 2013. The United States is going to intervene militarily in yet another sectarian war in the Middle East.
What a terrible, awful, inescapable decision this is.
It may well have come too late. It may well not do much good. It could make things worse. But it has to be done — human decency and America’s moral standing in the world demand it. But if it must be done, it must be done well. And that is going to be very tricky indeed.”

Cassi Creek:  I grew up reading Joseph Pulitzer’s newspaper.  I also read the St Louis Globe-Democrat (which wasn’t at all pro-Democrat) until it rolled over belly up.  The St. Louis Post Dispatch has always been a place to find accurate and critical reporting that attempts to maintain the original Pulitzer standards. 
          The article linked above is a reasonable approximation of what I put forward yesterday.  I remain adamantly opposed to any military aid for forces involved in wars that place wiping out religions other than Islam or wiping out other sects of Islam central to the conflict.  Food, perhaps medical support for civilian casualties, and let the militants and the loyalists slug it out until Syria and surrounds are paved with gray concrete fragments and green glass,  That’s likely to be what it takes to end this next war in our future. 
          In the meantime, we would be best served to make the search for non-fossil fuels into the next Manhattan project.  Then we can quit basing foreign policy around appeasing and supporting petro-dictators.  That sentence, no doubt, tripped some corporate Listening post and placed another mark on my disloyalty to big oil score sheet.

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