Friday, June 7, 2013

7 June 2013 Did I really say that?

Cassi Creek:  Yesterday I opened a link to a movie trailer for the newly released video “Sunshine Daydream.”  The video depicts a Grateful Dead concert that took place 8-27-72 at Veneta OR.   This was essentially a benefit concert on behalf of Springfield Creamery – Ken Kesey. 
          The trailer captures the song China Cat Sunflower very well.  It also displays some of the audience activities, always interesting at Grateful Dead performances, quite clearly.
          At such shows, particularly in that time period, there were often many women who chose to go topless.  Full nudity was not that uncommon.  What passed for dancing was often carried out without the restriction of clothing. 
          In this particular video segment the camera finds and focuses upon a young woman, probably in her twenties who is dancing naked to the world.  The smile on her face suggests that there is no place she would rather be. 
          The face and body lost in motion show an attractive woman.  The cameral also captures the reddened skin from forehead to feet.  Rather than making an initial comment upon her figure, I thought, “Bet that sunburn’s gonna hurt” 
          Another sign of aging sneaking up on us.

Video linked below.Probably not work appropriate unless you work at home.  

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