Saturday, June 22, 2013

22 June 2013 Fire on the mountain

Cassi Creek:  This photo series, found on CNN this morning speaks volumes about the inequalities found in war.  A sniper is a single combatant or one of a shooter/spotter pair.  The single finger on the trigger can create confusion, cause injuries to or kill members of the opposing force,   
          In the photographic series linked below, the volume of return fire delivered by U.S. forces in an attempt to kill a sniper firing from higher ground is simply massive.  The red lines are formed by tracer rounds inserted in every 5th slot in the belts used to feed the 7.62 mm and, 50 caliber machine guns that are firing in these photographs as U.S, troops attempt to locate and kill the sniper. 
          These images document thousands of rounds, seen and unseen, fired by fully automatic weapons against a single opponent. The sniper may carried as few as 10 rounds or as many as 100.  Without a patrol finding him and/or his weapon, it is impossible to accurately describe his load out.
 From the photos, we are privileged to view, it appears nearly impossible for the sniper to have survived.  However, if he chose his position carefully, he may well have walked away after a horrifying night.  The photos can’t tell us what the outcome was, they can only demonstrate how outgunned he and his unit were.  Further, north, across the DMZ, our aircrews flying in to North VietNam faced skies filled with AAA and rockets as well as they carried out their assigned missions.   There is no equality in war.

Long exposure photos capture Vietnam firefight

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