Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 June 2013 Anonymous bear

Cassi Creek: On this last day of June 2013, we had an unexpected visitation.  About 0930 A black bear rambled through the front yard and into the upper wooded portion of our property.  Had Gloria not seen it before I did, we might have thought it was a neighbor’s Newfie.  She, however, had a couple seconds longer than I to identify the animal as it went past the window.
          We did a quick check to make certain it was not gobbling birdseed or humming bird food.  It vanished into the undergrowth as quickly as it had appeared.

          Spent a good deal of the morning looking for a painting of Hidatsa dog dancers as painted by Karl Bodmer.  Quite an elaborate costume as ordained for one of the dog societies that existed in the 1830’s in the lands of the upper Missouri River. 

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