Friday, June 28, 2013

28 June 2013 Button, button

Cassi Creek:  Took the Pathfinder in for service this morning.  Over the last several months, the buttons that control the climate control system have begun to break and fall off the dashboard unit.  This seems to be a product of aging, the plastic getting old and degrading.  Beneath the buttons are small metal contacts that actually open and close the operational switches, which then select operational conditions.  Cooler > warmer > cooler. 
          The most important buttons to jump off are the “auto” and “defrost” switches.  The “auto” switch is intended to maintain a specified temperature using the AC circuits.  The “defrost” is self-explanatory.  We can still trip the contacts for the “defrost” setting.  This will provide minimal cooling.  The “auto” switch has become impossible to activate with any tool we have found.  This is going to be quite problematic as summer progresses,
          The Nissan dealership said that they could order a new button set.  My local mechanic said they were impossible to find.  The dealership called yesterday to say the buttons were in.  I rearranged my schedule and drove in this morning for the repair. 

          The buttons did not fit.  It is beginning to look as if salvage yard parts may be the only answer and they will likely suffer the same aging, as have the current buttons.  To be continued.  

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