Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 June 2013 trouble ahead, no flares behind

Cassi Creek:
          Today, 2 June, we are receiving rain from the same system that visited so much grief on Oklahoma and the rest of the Midwest.  We’ve had 0.5 inches since midnight, most of it falling after 0800 this morning...  That’s not very heavy rainfall for us and not nearly as much as these storms have dropped to our west. 
          We had to stop on the way home from Jonesborough last night as there was some sort of MVA being worked by the sheriffs &/or state police.  When the road was cleared enough for us to be snaked through the scene, we counted one tow truck two fire trucks, one van, and at least four ambulances. 
          In typical N.E. TN fashion, there is no mention of this incident in this morning’s newspapers, or on television. 
          The location made it difficult to see anything that would provide information about the incident.  Gloria and I have stopped at MVA’s and helped extract and stabilize victims when appropriate.   We would like to know what happened last night.  This might have been related to graduation parties.  However, I don’t know that we will ever see a report on it.
          It occurs to me that we were at relatively high risk sitting there on the highway.  The accident (if such it was) took place near a bridge over a creek.  Cars and trucks approaching from the east came upon the incident quite abruptly at the bottom of a hill following a rather blind curve.  At no time did we see any roadblock or warning prior to sighting the accident.  There were no flares, flashers, or reflectors deployed behind us. 


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