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10 June 2013 The tea parties - all they know they learned from as misspelled poster

10 June 2013  The tea parties - all they know they learned from as misspelled poster

“The tea party is wrong on the Common Core curriculum
By Jack MarkellPublished: June 9
Jack Markell, the governor of Delaware, co-chaired the Common Core Standards Initiative.
“Over the past three years, 45 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. These objectives were developed to ensure that America’s students acquire the academic skills they need to reach their full potential.
“Yet the Common Core standards are under serious assault by the tea party movement, which argues that they were developed by the federal government [“A new battle for tea party,” front page, May 31]. This assertion lacks any basis in fact. The Common Core was developed during a year-long process by state leaders — Democrats and Republicans — along with highly respected members of the business community and people in education, including many teachers…”
Cassi Creek:  This aversion to upgrading education standards to a nationwide minimum seems to me to be the very least we can do to provide a better education to public school students. 
          In the past there has been a severe geographic pattern of inadequate schools in the southern United States.  Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas always rank at the bottom in dollars spent per student and in student performance on standardized testing. 
          The states’ rights gangs and the local educational standards mob are components of the gene pool for the southern U.S. that seem to be determined to undermine all attempts to upgrade education to the point at which U.S. students can compete head-to-head in the STEM curricula that will determine the nation’s place in the developing global economy.  Will it be German, French, Russian, Indian, and Canadian graduates who take over the space programs, who expand the scope of cancer and other disease treatment, while American high school graduates are found to be increasingly under or unqualified to work in the high tech world that has become today’s reality?
                    One need only look at the recent Texas test book fight that resulted in frighteningly inaccurate revisions of history by board members who honestly believe that biblical characters must have spoken English, to understand just how dangerous local educational standards have become. 
          While we are 50 separate states, we need a national standard for education.  If left to their own mechanisms, the red states will continue to decline in money spent per student and in the quality of education provided.  We’ll have the dichotomy the military families mention on an even wider scale. 
We can’t afford nor should we allow any further decline in the quality of our nation’s schools. 

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