Wednesday, June 26, 2013

26 June 2013 DOMA dumped

Cassi Creek:  after gutting the voting rights act, opening the door for increased voter suppression as was widely practiced by the GOP whenever they could control state legislations, the SCOTUS finally produced two intelligent decisions.
          Today we heard that the DOMA, a truly repressive piece of fundamentalist-driven legislation at the national level, was overturned by the Justices.  Further, the appeal of California’s Proposition 8 was denied, allowing the lower court ruling to stand. 
          Combined with the defeat of a horribly archaic anti-abortion bill, the last 24 hours have offered some hope for the future.  However, through any lens, the culture wars will not only continue, they will intensify.
          The partition of the populace into two major fragments is going to become more evident and possibly more violent.  The progressive folks will expect to make inroads with reason and education.  The reactionaries will do all they can to suppress teaching biological sciences and non-revisionist history.  The American Civil War did not end in 1865.  We just stopped using uniformed troops.

          In other news, Loki was seen for follow up by our veterinarian this morning.  She is fit for limited duty and the bite is healing well.  

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