Saturday, June 8, 2013

8 June 2013 How many days in an hour?

Cassi Creek:  Yesterday the gutter company was supposed to put up our new gutters.  We were told they would be here at 1200 and be done by 1430.  We made plans for the day accordingly. 
          At 1230, they called and said it was raining where they were.  We pointed out that it was not raining here and that the weather forecast indicated a 3-4 hour window without rain.  The new schedule called for them to arrive at 1430.  That time came and went with no one pulling into our driveway.  About 1700 it began to rain and continued intermittently all evening and night. 
          Today was forecast to feature scattered showers and some thunderstorms.  We decided that there would be no new gutters today and went into Jonesborough to shop.  We returned at 1210 with no reason to expect anyone working on gutters today.
          20 minutes ago (1320) they called and said they would be onsite in about an hour.  That will be nice if it actually happens.  I’m not holding my breath.  The next forecast dry day is Tuesday.  I wonder how many days constitute an hour in this method of measuring the passage of time locally.

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