Monday, December 31, 2012

31 December 2012 Send Congress out with the old year

Cassi Creek:  The continual refusal to undertake any cooperative effort to conduct the nation’s financial and other affairs has marked this Congress as singularly ineffective.  The public has little or no confidence in the Congress or respect for the members of either chamber. 
          Despite Obama’s re-election, he is facing the same obstructionist behavior by the GOP/teavangelists based upon the racist and political attitudes that still exist in this nation and which were carefully cultivated by the GOP propaganda machine. 
          I voted for him twice.  I’m still not happy with his performance.  He waffled and wimped out during his first term when he should have utilized his bicameral majority to push his platform past the opposition.  Instead, he allowed the opposition to bully their way into a blocking force that prevented many items on his platform from ever seeing the light of day.  I wanted a single payer universal national health care program that eliminated the health insurance industry.  I wanted the financial criminals on Wall Street prosecuted, fined, and jailed for their efforts in destroying the economy.  I wanted our military out of Afghanistan by now. 
          Obama wanted re-election.  I understand that.  However, his first term behavior conditioned the GOP to believe that they can use him like a doormat. 
He’s been handed some horrid conditions to deal with out of the gate.  He’s actually accomplished a fair amount of positive change.  He can’t seem to realize that he doesn’t have to answer the media or his opposition until he’s ready to speak with all his facts assembled.  I hope he learns that quickly.  Otherwise, 2013 may be another very bumpy year. 
          As for Congress, they aren’t worth the money it costs to open their offices.  Recall them all and send this batch home.  It would be difficult to assemble a worse bunch of bought and paid for pretenders. 

Happy 2013!

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