Sunday, December 30, 2012

30 December 2012 Another day of lists

Cassi Creek:  The newspapers, magazines, and electronic media have reached the point in their yearly cyclic coverage where the bulk of their content consists of lists of the worst and/or best of some topic.  This is an annual occurrence that seems to grow in prevalence every year.
          There are a few topics that I find interesting.  “Most annoying word,”   seems to attract my attention, as well as “most annoying phrase/clich√©.”  I’m far from being the best student of the English language.  My speech is nothing to present as an example of how the language should be spoken.  I get sloppy at times in written and spoken communications. 
          I’ve noticed recently that my typographical errors have increased in frequency.  Typos were troubling before I began showing signs of Parkinsonism.  It was almost physically painful to post a comment that contained errors in composition or in editing.  Now I find it even more so.  They strike me as indicators of the disease’s progression
          I need to renew my driver’s license before March ends in 2013.  Because I want the photo ID function that a license affords I will need to find a time when the office is open and then plan on spending half a day or so waiting in line.  I want to get the renewal completed before I become more obviously affected by PD. 
          Today’s dinner is in the works.  We have four large pork rib chops in the slow cooker.  They were seasoned with salt and cracked black pepper then layered over a thinly sliced sweet yellow onion.  Between the onion and the chops there is nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. Over the chops are layers of sliced gala apples and sauerkraut.  ¼ cup of Chablis went into the mix and the cooker is now happily braising away at low temperature for 6 hours.  This should provide two good meals for us.  

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