Monday, December 10, 2012

10 December 2012 Looks like rain

          The morning began gray and windy with a fingernail moon hanging high overhead.  The walk out to the mailbox for the paper had its own audio track, wind in the wires, whining and making Loki uneasy. 
          The lyrics to “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” surfaced along with the wind.  The potential for bad weather is high and the abnormal warmth in the air suggests that the forecasters know what they are paid to know. 
          Loki did her early-warning dog routine while we showered.  Normally she stays out of the bathrooms.  During thunderstorms and other potentially severe weather she follows us into the bathrooms and can’t be chased out.  This behavior has always been slightly part of her behavior.  But after the 27th of April in 2011 it has become pronounced. 
          No hike with Mike this morning.  His gout is bothering him and neither of us like being on the road in wet conditions.  Our neighbors drive too fast.  Several times this fall it has been a real fine line between jumping into the creek and hoping that the oncoming drivers will slow down and make the turn away from us. 
          Last night’s seared scallops were well received.  Soup for dinner.  That should go well with the declining temperatures. 

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