Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 December 2012 Powerless on Cassi Creek

Cassi Creek:
            The roaring wind woke me at 0500.  I dozed 9off, on until0530, then gave up, and rolled out to start the coffee.  I showered, hedging bets against probable power outages.  Woke Gloria at 0650 to shower.  \lost power at 0709.
Rain began aaabout0800.  Wind continues, delaying power restoration.  The wind varies between roaring bursts that roll down the valley,,,, and howling gusts that belong in a horror movie sound track. 
I dragged the trash can out for pickup, hoping it won' blow away, at 0920 still no power but turkeys are feeding in the front yard,

The power was back on at 0936.  All our hardware and toys came back on line except Gloria’s notebook, the modem, the router, and her UPS.  The UPS and her hardware kept cycling on and off.  This prevented the modem and router from connecting and staying connected.  Currently, we have a heavy-duty power strip powering her desk and shared hardware. 
The trashcan stayed in place long enough to be picked up.  It appears that someone threw diaper trash into the open can.  Most of our neighbors don’t pay for trash disposal, and some of them think that any length of road that is not theirs is acc3eptable for solid waste disposal.  When I went out to retrieve the can I found the gift and picked up what I could. 
            The wind, at 1030 was strong enough to push me and the trashcan off balance and up the driveway.  I have the first of seven PTSD clinic appointments scheduled for 1300 today at Mt. Home.  The NWS has issued high wind warnings from this morning to tomorrow evening.   I decided that the 60 mile round trip on rain-slick roads, with high velocity crosswinds is not worth the risk to me and/or the Pathfinder.  I called in my regrets.  I can catch up with the material next week. 
            This storm puts me in mind of hurricanes.  Some of the storm cells are tracking at over 100 knots/...  The ground is becoming covered with branches and dead snags are being blown down.  I’ve dragged one far enough out of the road to avoid blocking traffic.  According to the NWS, the storm should slack off somewhat after 1600.  However, we’ll have high winds with gusts through tomorrow evening. 
            So the question of the day is, “How does this storm tie into the advertised end of the world tomorrow?”. 
            I’m planning on sweet Italian sausage with onions and mushrooms, for dinner.    

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