Tuesday, December 25, 2012

25 December 2012 Foul weather ahead

          The region is mostly recovered from the last round of high winds.  Power has been restored and people are warm and dry, assuming that they were warm and dry previously. 
          Today’s forecast includes a high wind warning that is aimed at us.  The winds will now blow at high velocity from the Southeast.  The potential for damage to trees and property is high.  This storm may actually bring more reason to worry.  The higher winds and potential thunderstorms are forecast to arrive late in the afternoon and increase in intensity during the dark hours. 
          What one hears but can’t see is often far worse in generating concern than what one can see and hear.  There’s very little prep we can do to lessen the impact of tonight and tomorrow’s winds. 
          Still, while the forecasters have become better at their craft, the storm intensity may drop a bit.  The storm track may wobble or bend.  We can certainly hope for an intensity decrease.  Trees that broke last week may not undergo any further breaking. 
          We remain fortunate.  We have no travel plans that require us to hazard the highways in blizzard or near-blizzard conditions.  The stove is loaded if it is needed tonight.  We have warm clothing, headlamps, and many things to read.  We may even be able to conjure up some Chinese food and a movie. Although that would have been more appropriate for last night. 
          “Chopsticks ready!”

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