Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 January 2013 House of Representatives behave like South Park Characters

Cassi Creek:         The Congress has had 1.5 years to deal with the current budget problem and has continually failed to take any action that might have averted the situation we now must deal with.
          The Democrats have finally found some semblance of a vertebral column, unfortunately, too late to make it effective.  The GOP has spent the last 18 months ignoring the middle class, the working poor, the unemployed, and any other citizens who don’t match their spurious image of a nation that has actually never existed beyond the pages of antebellum novels. 
          The GOP, seeking votes and a broader base that is practiced at magical thinking, climbed into bed with the various tea party and teavangelist factions.  The result has been a party as deadly and as unconcerned for humankind as Stalin’s Communist Party. 
          Realizing that the lost presidential election foreshadows a declining party, the GOP/teavangelists have concluded that they might as well sink the country by destroying its economy rather than to behave as civilized citizens who can place nation before party and private bank accounts. 
          The Speakership of John Boehner has been a circus of non-activity since he picked up the gavel.  When he has made an attempt to cooperate with the Democrats in order to accomplish the nation’s business, he has been blocked and hobbled by his own party. 
          I firmly believe that at the heart of much of Boehner’s current inability to accomplish anything is little Eric Cantor.  It is apparent that Cantor has decided that he wants to be Speaker of the House.  He is a ruthless, self-absorbed man demonstrating his grasp of many of the worst characteristics of politicians.  Look for him to delay any further action by the House, for any purpose, until Cantor can arrange his ascent to Boehner’s current position. 
          You should have no difficulty linking Cantor to a South Park character.  The image is amazingly accurate.

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