Monday, January 21, 2013

21 January 2013 Inauguration Day

Cassi Creek:  Today is Inauguration Day as well as Martin Luther King’s Day.  That makes it a double federal holiday.  However, most people who work for non-government businesses are at work today.  Service industry workers, health care professionals and ancillary staff are busy, understaffed and overworked, as usually the case for any holiday. 
          I celebrated by renewing my drivers’ license for another six years.  There was no reason to go into the office for renewal.  I spent about 10 minutes and $20.00 online using the state’s program and my debit card.  I should have the new license within 3 weeks. 
          I’ll be happy when the Congress returns to work.  They should all be chained to their desks and fed bread and water until they become productive and cooperative.  They were elected to work for the nation and its citizens, not to crank out tax breaks for corporations and the very wealthy. 
          The new “National Gun Appreciation Day” another shill organization for the firearms industry and the easily confused, took place on Saturday.  There were at least 5 gun related injuries occurring at 3 different gun shows that happened Saturday.  They all belong in the TDTF file. 

Five shot at 'Gun Appreciation Day' events

By Steve Benen    -  
Mon Jan 21, 2013 8:00 AM EST
This probably is a lower than normal incidence of gun-related injuries compared to most weekends.  No one organizing the “Gun Appreciation” event seems overly concerned that a neo-nazi group is involved in the event.  While the NRA and the 2nd Amendment groupies always like to point toward Hitler when crying about tyrants seizing private guns; it is somehow OK to share the demand that all sorts of guns are available to everyone who can pay the price with neo-nazis.  Strange bedfellows! Of course, when the rank and file is unable to differentiate between fascists, socialists, and toy soldier militias, the important thing becomes allying with anyone who will share the misinformation and chant the slogans.

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