Friday, January 25, 2013

25 January 2013 Slicker than…

Cassi Creek:
          “Slicker than deer guts on a doorknob”  Thanks to the Dillards for an apt description of the meteorological conditions that the rising sun revealed. 
          After a very broken night that included stoking the stove at about 0430, I woke to the sound of what I hoped was rain hitting the metal roof.  In the dim, pre-sunrise light I put the lead on Loki and headed out for the road to retrieve the newspaper. 
          The first step onto the stairs revealed a layer of ice covering everything.  The driveway was treacherous as marbles on glass; the lawn was only slightly safer.  The five steps from the driveway to the mailbox became a shuffle; as did the return from the road to the drive.  I’ve put ice-melt on the front steps.  It hasn’t helped much. 
          As of 1204, we are watching it rain and then freeze.  The short term forecast calls for more winter mix precipitation all day.  We seem to be on the gun-target line.  The worst of the ice is tracking over us.    Ice is building up quickly on exterior surfaces.  We have firewood but it is outdoors, of course, and down steps. 
          I had an appointment at VA this morning at 0840.  I rescheduled it yesterday after seeing the forecast for today.  That was wise.  The mail carrier actually delivered mail today.  He said it was a solid sheet of ice on the roads. 
          The county snowplow/salt truck made one pass on the road.  I doubt it will do much good in the face of the rain and freezing rain streaming in.
Shabbat Shalom

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