Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9 January 2013 Truck load of a different art

Cassi Creek:  Is there a difference between today’s anarchists and the teavangelists who intend to demolish government by grid locking the current legislative processes?
          The standard image of the political anarchist is still derived from the decades-old “Mad Bomber” wearing a long coat, a eponymous “mad bomber hat,” and carrying a black spherical or sticks of dynamite bomb, fuse sputtering down to ignition as he tries to trigger yet another war in order to destroy an existing government. 
          Today’s image is undergoing change.  The European/urban American, feet in the street, masked and wired to the grid anarchist seems to have an understanding that chaos is the heart of anarchy and is willing to become an anonymous foot soldier in the street theater of the generation.  Nothing makes one feel good about one’s effort to destroy “the globalists” and their financial empires that own the national governments like watching the post-riot videos on the evening news broadcasts while relaxing in a hot bath or shower, dining at a bistro, and enjoying the amplified sounds of the latest pop music, and while dancing the night away with thousands of others who might actually do more harm to the current system by spreading the current strain of influenza from town to town.
          But the newest breed of anarchy has its roots in the teavangelist political parties of the United States.  These are political reactionaries who blend a Taliban-like religious fundamentalism with a refusal to engage in political compromise, and the belief that they will be rewarded by history and by their political masters for blocking all attempts to continue to govern the U.S. as the majority of voters in the last two Presidential elections wish it to be governed.
          This American pseudo-anarchism is the paid product of legislators in the sub-rosa employ of the latest round of robber barons and financial manipulators who are convinced of their own invincibility due to immense financial holdings largely warehoused off U.S. shores to avoid even the most minimal of taxes.  The dirty work and local political posturing is provided by right-wing talk radio commentators who dispense daily doses of piety and pseudo-morality while engaging in a life style that precisely violates everything they rail against.
           There are no real anarchists around today’s cities.  Even the most radical offspring of Stalin’s party are far better off either here or back in the Rodina, to wish to bring down the current government and to compromise their access to social safety nets, public health agencies that assure safe food and water, and the other benefits of life in an industrial nation that we regard as necessary in order to live well. 
          The closest thing we in America have to real anarchists, are the teavangelists.  A real anarchist knows that if he is successful in bringing about political anarchy, with it will come social and cultural anarchy.  There will be no more social safety nets, no public schools, no universities to return to once one is done playing at changing the world. 
          What will come about, what we do not want to come about, is just what the NRA and the toy soldier militias have been prophesying.  There will be sufficient blockade of our current government that we no longer have a stable and workable government.  We’ll stand amazed as it crumbles around us.  The truly ironic aspect of the whole collapse will be that if it occurs, it will be brought about by the very people who have been hoarding guns, gold, food, and everything that they believe they will need when they are attacked by imaginary screaming hordes of socialists pouring out of the cities to escape the turmoil and anarchy that they have brought about.  The turmoil and crumbling society with no working financial system and no remaining food distribution system will be generated by the 2nd amendment nuts intent on owning one of every gun in manufacture, the “preppers ready to seal their families into underground bunkers for a decade, and the rest of the xenophobes, teavangelists waiting for Israel to crumble and usher in the 2nd coming.
          I hope they like beans and rice. 

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