Tuesday, January 15, 2013

15 January 2013 What’s an ark

Cassi Creek:  the rain began Sunday evening and has continued with very little intermission through this morning.  We have received 2.78 inches of rain. 
          The morning hike with Mike has been suspended for reasons of comfort, personal safety, and consideration for Loki, who usually accompanies me on the morning excursion.  The creek is high, fast, muddy, and loud. 
          The forecast calls for continued rain of light to moderate intensity.  Given the stalled nature of the front producing this rain, we may still be receiving rain at this time tomorrow. 
          Stay tuned for updates.
Today’s column by Richard Cohen in the Washington Post is a good commentary on gun control and the nature of the opposition to gun control.

The debacle of gun control

, Published: January 14

“Once, after I had written about gun control, a guy called to differ and said that had the Jews of Germany been armed, the Holocaust never would have happened. That assertion, so ahistorical as to be almost laughable, stopped me in my tracks because it went to the black heart of the gun-control debate: It’s not about guns. It’s about the government…”
Also of importance – Happy Birthday, Suz!

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