Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 January 2013 You might think that they would have learned by now

Washington (CNN) -- If all the recent wrangling over the fiscal cliff has revealed anything, it's how tense and strained President Obama's relationship is with Republicans in Congress.
And Obama's relationship with Congress reached yet another low Thursday when House Speaker John Boehner confirmed to CNN that he has told House Republicans he will no longer negotiate legislative deals with the president.
And in an opinion piece on Thursday, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas faulted the president for all the fiscal brinksmanship since 2010. The new No. 2 Senate Republican also suggested that "[i]t may be necessary to partially shut down the government in order to secure the long-term fiscal well being of our country."

Cassi Creek:  the GOP tried a shutdown during the Clinton era.  They tried to whitewash the reasons for their action.  However, the real reason was that Then Speaker of the House Gingrich was displeased with his seat assignment on an AF-1 flight.  The outcome damaged the GOP’s standing among voters and cost the party its dominance in the House. 
          The 2011 debt ceiling clusterfuck was brought about by teavangelists and GOPers believing that they could win their ideology’s demands by threatening to sink the nation’s economy.  They failed to achieve their demands but did damage the economy and cause the United States financial status to be downgraded.  The world economy was also weakened by their petty temper tantrums.
          Now, in 2013 the stage is set for GOP/teavangelists to rewind and replay the 2011 debt ceiling fiasco.  The Congress has incurred debt and the GOP/teavangelists refuse to pay those debts.  They think that Obama will waffle again as in 2011. 
          The 2012 election was not, as Sen. Cornyn has stated, a mandate for austerity, massive spending cuts, and tax cuts for the wealthy.  If the voters had wanted that image of government, Romney would be working on a state of the union address. 
          The GOP seems unable to process the fact that Obama is in office for a 2nd term.  The teavangelists don’t care what Obama says or does; they plan to obstruct every action of his and anything that the GOP votes for that isn’t hard-core teavangelism. 
          So we are faced with elected representatives who intend to destroy the nation’s ability to function and who think that they have a mandate to destroy the global economy while simultaneously waging war on Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran. 
          The latest round of gerrymandering is likely to yield numerical dominance in the House for the GOP.  The alliance between the old GOP and the various teavangelist conglomerates will eventually become less fixed; although how and when the dissolution manifests has yet to be seen.  The demands for ideological purity will cause and widen any future splits among the reactionary right-wingers.  We can only hope for a rapid, vicious, and highly venomous break up as personal greed interferes with the cooperation between the moneyed hard liners who wish to dictate the party line and the even more greedy financial backers who think that the world’s revenues belong to them.
          There is still sufficient stupidity among the teavangelists in Congress to cause them to cause a repeat of the financial meltdowns that took place in 2008.  Obviously, they have yet to learn that their financial owners who paid for their elections are not backing them merely to assure party line purity.

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