Friday, January 4, 2013

4 January 2013 “Let me have one of them black guns”

Cassi Creek:  I have no idea how many of our neighbors own firearm.  I have no idea how many firearms there are in this single valley.  Most disturbing, I have no idea how many of our neighbors are prohibited from possessing firearms but still possess them. 
          There is no doubt in my mind that there are militia-like groups in this region composed of people who believe that they may be called upon to rise up and protect the citizenry against a “tyrannical government.”  It is apparent that these people failed high school civics. 
          They firmly believe that they are capable of defeating “the government” in open combat.  Apparently they must each have a critical number of firearms so that they can, in some yet to be seen manner defeat the U.S. Army. 
          These are among the people who have been panic  buying firearms, essentially since Obama was first elected to the Presidency. Add in the incitation provided by the NRA and you get to the point of shelf depletion.  Most guns stores and other firearms sources have no more  “assault style” rifles in their inventory.  The panic has become so prevalent that people are reportedly buying rifles that they have not only no need to possess, but which they don’t even know how to operate. 
          Be certain you understand that this panic buying has only targeted the “assault style rifel.  That is a rifle with a black barrel and heat shield/forestock, collapsible  butt stock, box magazine holding 30 rounds of ammunition, and ready for lots of cool lights, laser designators, and other ad-ons.  Most of them are chambered to fire the Remington.223 bullet (NATO 5.56), but some are chambered for the much cheaper .22caliber bullet.  The local gun store owner related to the local newspaper that for many customers any black rifle will do. 
          For handguns, the major attractans are a 30 round magazine ( makes the pistol horribly unwieldy) and lights and lasers. 


That’s all the news not fit to print today.
Shabbat Shalom!

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