Thursday, August 16, 2012

6 August 2012 Ryan –national fertilized ova = personhood bill


Banning contraception? OMG!

"And personhood for fertilized eggs, banning contraception, banning all abortion, banning in vitro fertilization ... it may be too radical for Mississippi, it may be too radical for Colorado, but the Republican vice presidential nominee this year is the guy who sponsored personhood for the whole country. Paul Ryan co-sponsored a national ban on contraception, on all abortion and on in vitro fertilization [See Bill Text, 112th Congress (2011-2012), H.R.212.IH]. When Paul Ryan was on Meet the Press back in February, David Gregory asked him whether the Republican Party was maybe focusing too much on contraception; maybe that might hurt them in November. Paul Ryan's answers as to whether he was concerned about that was, No."

Cassi Creek:
          Credit my friend Judy Dilworth with the inspiration for today’s musings.  The GOP/teavangelist politicians are burrowing as far back in time and culture as they can drag their voter base.  We aren’t talking just about the hottest button in the social wars, abortion.  We are watching while  Romney/Ryan/Santorum, and assorted minions try to roll back the calendar to the days when abortion was illegal despite the cause or the risk of life to the mother.  Atop this, they want to outlaw all forms of contraception other than Vatican roulette.  They want to return the citizens of the U.S. to a nation with no legal means of preventing pregnancy.  No pill, no mechanical barriers – diaphragm or condom. 
          Because Ryan and Santorum practice a form of Catholicism that allows old, supposedly celibate men to impose abstinence upon their cult followers, Ryan and Santorum believe that they have the authority – relayed from their invisible sky faerie – to impose such restrictions upon the men and women of the United States.  They seem to believe that the Constitutional prohibition of any state sponsored religion does not include their cult or any of the other evangelical cults. 
          American voters, particularly women, need to be aware of the regressive culture that Romney/Ryan represent.   While they trumpet their reason for continuing the Afghanistan war – repressive laws making women 2nd class citizens, they are absolutely willing to impose the same sort of regressive laws upon American women.    
          Make no mistake.  If the teavangelists/GOP put Romney/Ryan into political power we will rival Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia in our repression of women.   Roman Catholicism and Southern Baptist teavangelism already view women as inferior to men, fit only to become breeding stock for the theocrats who will increase the level of intolerance and bigotry already overtaking the nation. 
          American women keep your right control your own bodies, your own lives, your own education

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