Thursday, August 30, 2012

30 August, 2012 How High’s the water momma?

Louisiana is still in contention for most submerged state in the nation.
Cassi Creek:  Much of the morning was spent waiting out the clock.  I had lab studies drawn this morning preparatory to a VA Primary Care visit slated for next week.    I had sufficient time to discover that my tablet prefers to work while connected to wi-fi, and that the VA facility does not provide wi-fi that reaches the canteen. 
          After a long morning’s fast, I arrived at the canteen in time to find all the breakfast food off the serving lines.  I wound up with a singularly non-palatable cheeseburger delivered on a cold, stale bun.  No flavor, no satisfaction.  I’d still welcome a good burger. 
          The PTSD class on symptom management is turning out to be rather unfulfilling.  If it were as simple, a matter as telling myself that I can resolve the problem by “positive thinking,” There’d be a dozen new self-help books on the television talk circuit every week.  The Psychiatrist running this class has a nervous laugh that I find somewhat annoying.  He seemed surprised today when I questioned him as to whether a physical response he described should not be more accurately described as a physiologic response. 
          That’ all the news that isn’t news, Goodnight!

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