Saturday, August 25, 2012

25 August 2012 Back to the Dark Ages for fun and prophets

Cassi Creek:  Meeting in Tampa, the people who wish to restore a theocratic oligarchy as the principle form of world government advertise their intentions to their voter base.  While many teavangelists claim that Obama intends to surrender U.S. sovereignty to the United Nations, a Texas county judge – an elected official – has proclaimed that Obama’s re-election is likely to trigger a new American Civil War.  There are such rumors all around the nation, but Texas seems to be leading the charge to disorganized insanity.  The Texas School board’s efforts to remove the study of any historical period that begins after the sacking of the 2nd Temple by Rome, any language with roots newer than that of the King James Bible, and any political philosophy that considers women to be more than handy incubators for new Texas males.

In keeping with the premise that women are less than equal to males and of less importance than a fetus that may or may not survive gestation despite genetic damage, the GOP/Teavangelists have allowed the latest generation Christian fundamentalists to force a platform that demands abortion be made unavailable. 

While degrading the lives of American women to the role of a biological incubator with no say in the use and care of their own bodies, these same Christian reactionaries are all too eager to ship young American men and women to Afghanistan to prevent Islamic extremists treating their females in exactly the same manner. 
          America is already lagging behind nearly all modern nations in the delivery of health care to its citizens.  During the last 40 years, it has also fallen behind those same nations in excluding religion from government.  It is time to slam the door on Christian extremists and remove religion entirely from the public forum.   

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