Monday, August 6, 2012

6 August 2012 Lacking knowledge and proud of it

Sikh temple shooter was military veteran who lived nearby

            “Associated Press and other news outlets, citing multiple law enforcement authorities, identified him as Wade Michael Page, 40. 
        A Defense Department official said records show a Wade M. Page who was in the Army from 1992 to 1998, reaching the rank of sergeant but then being demoted to specialist. He had trained at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and served at Fort Bliss in Texas and Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Page worked as a Hawk missile system repair person and later was detailed to Psychological Operations specialist, the official said.
        Sunday’s mass shooting shocked the close-knit Sikh community and horrified Americans of all backgrounds, coming just two weeks after a deadly movie-theater rampage in Aurora, Colo., in which agunman killed 12 people and injured 58. James Holmes, 24, has been charged in that massacre.
        “Volunteers had gathered early at the theSikh Temple of Wisconsin, as they do every Sunday, to prepare Indian comfort food to nourish the faithful: lentils, yogurt, and rice pudding. It’s a ritual of inclusion that, according to those who return over and over, helps make Sunday prayers feel like a large family reunion.”
            ““I think some people misunderstand because we keep a long beard, and keep a turban. Some people think we’re al-Qaeda,” said Prem Paul, a Sikh truck driver from South Milwaukee who comes to the temple each weekend but arrived after the shooting.
                “Police in Wisconsin say one suspect has been "put down" outside a Sikh temple and they do not know if other shooters are inside the building Authorities were called to the temple Sunday morning with a report of shots fired.
            “More than 500,000 adherents of the Sikh faith live in the United States, most of them first- or second-generation immigrants from India, where Sikhism was founded several centuries ago. Sikh men tend to stand out because of their beards and colorful turbans, which are ritually wrapped around uncut hair, and leaders in the community say they are sometimes confused with Muslims and viewed with suspicion.
            “After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, there were scattered reports nationwide of harassment or attacks on Indian Sikhs. In a misguided act of vengeance, a Sikh gas station owner in Arizona, Balbir Singh Sodhi, was killed…”
Cassi Creek:   There are enough hate groups in this nation to confuse the most diligent monitor group.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, , tracks them as well as any civilian agency and nearly as well as some DOD task forces.  Looking at the list of known militias, church/family compounds, and other places where hatred of minorities is served at every meal, there is no place in this nation that is free from their bigotry and intolerance. 
          Reading their output, be it website, newsletter, music, or martial chants, one think that is immediately apparent is the lack of intellect they display.  Their core beliefs are inconsistent with modern history – something they re-write to meet their purpose – and modern science is often feared as a source of infiltration and manipulation by “the government.”
          Their fear of “the government” places them in close proximity to other facets of the voting populace, particularly the teavangelists.  Put a pair of each in a locked room for a weekend and the result would be truly repugnant to most thinking Americans but probably not that repellant to Ms. Palin, Ms. Bachmann, or the scum on the top of a cup of the NRA’s morning propaganda.         Along with hatred and decreased literacy goes confusion.  There is a very real probability that many of the attacks upon American Sikhs have taken place because the attackers were unable to distinguish an American Sikh from an American Muslim.  After all, they both are “different”, look foreign, and don’t love Jesus. 
          As disgusting as it is to be shot by a member of a hate group while living in a nation that promises a rule of law and religious freedom for all; it is far more disgusting to be murdered by an illiterate idiot who can’t even understand who he is shooting at, or why. 
          If only the phrases, “too stupid to shoot!” and “Too dumb to fuck!” were true.

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