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26 August 2012 American women should emulate Togo women

26 August 2012  American women should emulate Togo women
Togo opposition vows sex strike amid anti-government protests
From Erick Kaglan, For CNN
August 26, 2012 -- Updated 0825 GMT (1625 HKT)

“”Lome, Togo (CNN) -- A Togolese opposition leader is calling on women to go on a weeklong sex strike to demand the freedom of protesters detained ahead of elections in the West African nation.
Police arrested about 120 opposition supporters last week during clashes between protesters and security forces, according to Togolese human rights groups.”

Cassi Creek:
          There is a population of American voters who have the power to swing this Presidential election in the direction it should go.  The women of this nation, who comprise a large percentage of the proponents for affordable health care, who are finding it more difficult to feed, house, clothe, and educate their children, can effectively grasp the situation and begin to implement change once more. 
          Too many women are sitting by while nearly every aspect of their personal lives is being decided by white males of one Christian cult or another.  Unless American women act effectively and act now, there is too great a chance that the 2012 election will see women’s rights rolled backward to the social and cultural equivalent of the 1920s. 
          Granted, men who plan to vote for Obama and who support the preservation of our social safety nets, need not be targeted.  Conversely, all members of the GOP and the various teavangelist groups should be made aware that until their political consciousness is raised to the proper point; that they can and will be replaced by any number of small battery-powered devices. 
          If the women who worked in alliance to gain their right to vote in the 1920’s could force change; if women in Togo can change the course of their nation’s history, there exists no reason that today’s American women can’t seize and wield political power in sufficient amount to defeat the imminent risk of losing their personal freedom to control their own bodies. 

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