Tuesday, August 14, 2012

14 August 2012 Where have all the squirrels gone?

          Prior to the raccoon invasion, we were besieged by a scury of squirrels.   No, I didn’t invent the term.  Another resource of such trivia and arcane lists “dray” as the appropriate name for gathered squirrels.  Given the option, I prefer scury. 
          Since the gaze invasion, we have not seen the resident squirrels.  We don’t know if they surrendered the area to the larger animals or if they were pushed into higher branches and picked off by raptors.  The one thing we are certain of is that the local scury is not at risk of starvation.  Gloria’s bird feeders also provided daily sustenance for the squirrels. 
          Raptor predation may be a viable reason.  I heard an Eastern Screech Owl pair last night around 2200.  The local hawk counts remain high enough to validate raptor predation. 
          Prior to the noticed decline in squirrels, Loki would watch the back deck and feeders in a game of her devising.  When a squirrel or two would dare to set foot on the platform feeder, she would demand to be let out to chase them.  She’s never caught one, yet.   But the possibility is high enough that it keeps her happy watching the back yard for squirrels.  It’s quiet here today and even with my diminished hearing, I’ve heard two hawks calling today. 
          Time to reset the raccoon trap.  I caught number four last night.  This morning I painted him green – only his fur, and sent him to find new habitat. 

Cue  Kingston Trio!
“gone to acorns, everyone.”

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