Monday, August 27, 2012

27 August 2012 Longer on the way back

Cassi Creek:  The weekend over, Loki and I resumed our morning Hike with Mike.   We’ve settled on a 5 of 7 schedule that may not be optimal for weight loss and maintenance, but that allows me two mornings without an alarm clock waking me up. 
          The route we walk is a two-mile segment (measured from our front door with a Garmin GPS) of Cassi Road.  It has an elevation drop of 200 feet on the outbound leg.  This delivers an elevation gain on the inbound leg. 
          Some mornings we carry on a conversation on both legs.  On other mornings, we’ve little need to converse.  Both of seem to use the hike as a self-diagnostic to sort and examine the morning’s aches and pains.  It’s a handy and cost-effective diagnostic tool. 
          Some mornings the traffic flow is dangerously fast and comes dangerously close to us.  I can’t think of any mechanism to cause local drivers to slow down and to pay attention to the road. 
          The GOP/teavangelist convention will begin its program, political, social, and religious repression in America tomorrow.  I wish there was a way to cause the general populace to recognize the lies and to dump the American Taliban at the voting booth.

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