Wednesday, August 22, 2012

22 August 2012 What they should have learned in school

22 August 2012  What they should have learned in school
Cassi Creek:

Thanks to Auth for labeling the teavangelist’s home school anatomy, physiology, and church-approved blow-up doll.  Science classes are much more meaningful if the students can be taught the proper names of those body parts with the help of religiously – sanctioned, mostly anatomically pronounceable modern terms instead of the vulgar European-socialist words used by liberal elitists .
          Please note that the home school blow-up doll syllabus adheres to the GOP/teavangelist platform.  It is designed to be taught by persons who intend to leave the student with a knowledge base that agrees with the 2012 GOP platform plank calling for a complete ban upon all abortions, contraception, and sex education in schools

This Ayn Rand history and economics block is designed to comply with the 2011 Texas board of education revision of American history and economic theory.  It champions trickle-down economics, knowing that the poorly educated will vote for that mechanism repeatedly; removing all hope of ever earning a living income.  This education block will leave the student with the understanding that they will become rich only by stealing the incomes of the working class, the working, poor, and the former middle class.  Greed is defined as good for the nation.  The student will be taught that social safety nets should exist only for the WASP families that renounce the philosophies of Jefferson
          Students will be taught that the separation of church and state was not intended to be part of the U.S. The fiction of Rand will be taught as if it was a proven economic theory, and there will be no mention, under penalty of law, that Rand accepted both Medicare and Social Security benefits. 

          If the GOP/teavangelist 2012 convention is affected by  a hurricane, it will be treated from the podium and by the tame (Fox News) media as merely a natural occurrence.  If the Democratic Party 2012 convention is impacted by adverse weather, all the teavangelist prosperity theologists as a direct warning from the supreme deity.  

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