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12 August 2012 Stop Romney/Ryan; Reject Norquist

12 August 2012  Stop Romney/Ryan; Reject Norquist
With Ryan pick, Romney doubles down on economic radicalism

… “In picking Ryan, Romney is confirming his commitment to full-flown economic radicalism — something that he had kept well disguised until the Tax Policy Center study unmasked it. The central idea driving the GOP ticket is not just that tax hikes on the rich must be avoided at all costs. It’s that dramatically reducing the tax burden on the wealthy — coupled with deep cuts to social programs and a quasi-voucherizing of Medicare — is the route back to prosperity.
            “Call it the “Ryan/Romney vision.” Not the “Romney/Ryan vision.” The “Ryan/Romney vision.” The Ryan pick was urged upon Romney by conservatives who wanted him to “go bold,” i.e., to confirm beyond doubt that he will govern from the Ryan blueprint. “We want the Ryan budget,” Grover Norquist said recently, adding that the paramount requirement in the next president is that he have “enough working digits to handle a pen” to sign it.
            “ The Ryan pick is a triumph for this wing of the party….”
Cassi Creek:        
          This is the opportunity necessary to send a loud and clear signal to Congress that it needs to remember who put them in office.  It is an opportunity to tell Grover Norquist that he was not elected by the populace and to tell our elected officials that Grover Norquist should not be allowed to enter their offices. 
          There are enough voters who recognize the danger presented by Norquist and the people whom he has intimidated with his no taxes pledge to vote people out of office for signing it. 
          This government, as do all governments, requires money obtained by taxation in our instance in order to carry out its basic, discretionary, and emergency functions.  Despite the delusional thoughts of Norquist, Ryan, and the GOP/teavangelists, our national economy cannot and will not be repaired by spending cuts and further tax cuts for the super rich.  Taxation of the super rich must be increased in concert with spending cuts and tax decreases for the middle and working class citizens. 
          The super rich do not and will not create the necessary jobs that this nation needs to combat unemployment among the middle and working class.  The super rich will not put and money from tax cuts into our local economies.  They will spend it overseas or put it into long-term investments.  They will pay for re-election campaign ads; nothing will trickle downward to create new jobs. 
          The working and middle class citizens who receive tax cuts will rapidly put those dollars into local economies.  They’ll buy food, medicines, pay utility bills, and perhaps pay tuitions.  Very little, if any, of tax cuts for your friends and neighbors, will wind up lining an elected official’s pocket.  Very little will be banked offshore; although they may buy some new clothing being imported by the super rich corporation owners from their new sweats shops being built in third world nations, providing “new jobs” for the citizens of other nations. 
          Ryan and Norquist believe the delusions that they share.  Romney is weak enough that they will both manipulate him.  There in is the greatest danger.  The GOP/teavangelists must not be allowed to win Congressional and Senate seats in November.  Each candidate for Congress and Senate must be bombarded with demands from his/her constituents to repudiate Norquist’s no tax pledge.  He needs to be eliminated from his current position as a lobbyist and put back into his locker.  Unlike a Jinni, he can be re-corked.  Moreover, unless one is an elected official taking campaign funding from right wing corporations and lobbyists, he can safely be ignored.  

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