Saturday, May 5, 2012

5 May 2012 There’s a purpose for OCD

          Things are slowly coming into a more stable pattern.
          At 2030, or so, yesterday we received a large, chilly box.  Said box contained various packages of tubing, infusion hardware, gloves, a disposable IV stand, and a large package of pre-measured doses of a powerful antibiotic.  Said last now fills 1/5 of available refrigerator space. 
          We got up early this morning and showered between thunderstorms, foolishly assuming that we would soon be visited by a nurse.  The last word we received has the nurse arriving at 1330.  We could have used the extra sleep. 
          The nurse is to insert a line and then teach me how to use and maintain that line so that we can administer the antibiotics q 8 hrs for the next week.  I used to know how to insert lines and maintain them.  But the hardware and technology for infusion therapy changed while I was working in the isolation of the clinical lab.  Now I need to be refreshed in knowledge and skill for an aspect of care I have not used much since I graduated in 73. 
          This is when my native OC nature kicks in.  From all those lab years, I know the reasons for what I am going to do and why it must be done just as instructed.  Poor Gloria!  I’m rather a foul nurse, and I’m unlikely to change.  However, I tend to treat myself in the same manner when ill.  At least she will have that to conjure with. 
          She had hoped to go dancing in Jonesborough tonight.  I doubt it will happen.  The risk of losing the line is too great. 
          While grocery shopping in Greeneville yesterday, I bought a new wireless router.  I installed it this morning and our network is operational again.  Range is still not that great.  It may require an extender. 
          I make no concession to the date or to equine matters.  If you feel the need to consume ethanol, go ahead.  I don’t encourage such marketing.


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