Friday, May 18, 2012

18 May 2012 So simple that only a child can do it

Cassi Creek:  The broadcast and cable news outlets yesterday were correctly, placing a proposed anti-Obama campaign before us; so that we may have some idea about the depths of hatred that are driving this campaign.  Officially, the Romney campaign refused to have anything to do with it.  Unofficially it has been the hidden blueprint used against Obama since he secured the nomination in 2008.
          The GOP//teavangelists have stitched together a fabric of lies concerning Obama.  He has been depicted as a communist (and simultaneously a fascist), a secret Muslim, a foreign-born non-citizen, and much more.  What they, the opposition, really want to say is “Obama is black”, and therefore we don’t want him to hold office and wield power.  He scares them.  They know he is infinitely intellectually superior to them and they can’t admit it. 
          Factor in the demographic results that made news yesterday and they will really unleash a hate campaign.  The nation’s birthrate data now indicates that the majority population (NB-1yr) is a former minority populace.  The United States is no longer going to be a WASP nation.  The world has changed beneath them and will never be put back the way it was.  The hate mongers can’t do shit about it!
          We’re going to be treated to all sorts of propaganda released by groups that “Just want to take our country back.”  They are serious about “back.”  They mean prior to the Civil War, prior to the 13th and 14th Amendments, prior to the lunch counter sit-ins, the Freedom Rides, and the voting registration summer of 1964.  They will use every lie they can put out to inflame hatred among the un-educated. 
          And here’s the good and bad; we have to let them lie. To stop them using public airways and the media outlets would make us the people they claim we are; the people they actually are.  But there is nothing to prevent us countering their lies with truth.  The same freedoms they use to destroy this nation can be used to destroy them. 
          It takes a lot of patience and a lot of determination.  It takes a thick skin and a lot of friends to prop us up when the road gets rocky and lonely. 
Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the bests sources available to find out whom these hate groups are and where   they are.  They’re all over, among us, but they can be beaten. 
          I’ve spent a lot of time this month breaking in a smart phone.  It will play music if I can convince it do play music.  It can serve as a video conferencing device.  It can do all manner of things that were once considered science fiction.  What it appears to be best at is trying to sell me movies, music, and other entertainment items that I have no interest in buying.  I have no need for a music service to sell me the latest popular music releases.  I have a carefully, lovingly acquired library of very good music that I love to listen to.  So thanks to all you folks who make it so easy to hand you money.  I’ll take a bit longer and puzzle out how to teach my smart phone what I know.
Shabbat Shalom!

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