Thursday, May 31, 2012

31 May 2012 Shorten it up all around

          That’s normally what I tell my barber as I sit down in his chair. 
          Given the continually decreasing amount of hair that still obscures my scalp from view, it probably won’t be long until I switch to a crew cut.  I don’t have any appreciation for hairstyles that require gels, spay, mousses, or time spent with a mirror, brush, and comb.  My hair has always defied style.  It is fine, oily, and disobedient. 
          I grew up in the Wild Root Crème Oil/Brylcreme/Butch Wax era when hair was held in place by layers of grease and/or wax.  It was actually some relief when the weekly buzz cut for soldiers was the standard of appearance.  Those creams and waxes were expensive and could ruin clothing in minutes. 
          When I worked behind a microscope, I found that I needed a haircut when my hair began showing up in the ocular fields.  Now, it is age that determines how I wear my hair and, to a degree, when I have it cut. 
          The lawn is in need of mowing again.  It is hot and humid today, and there is a lot of trimmer work that should be done.  It would be great if I could walk into the house and say, “shorten it up all around!”

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