Wednesday, May 23, 2012

23 May 2012 The only truth I’ve heard from the GOP since 2000

Cassi Creek:         Normally, even the most bitterly waged political campaigns have some fragments of truth in their propaganda output.  The nature of such endeavors is that a small amount of truth leaks in despite the worst efforts of the speechwriters and ad agencies to remove all truth from the battlefield. 
          The 2008 campaign was based upon an attempt by the GOP and the teavangelists to convince their bases that Barak Obama fails to meet the Constitutional requirement that he be a native-born citizen – having one or both parents citizens of the U.S., and/or being born in the U.S. 
          The teavangelists, already pumping out lies about the tax structure and health care proposals, was quite happy to amplify the number and intensity of lies spread concerning the “birther” insanity.  According to the most extreme “birther” proclamations, Obama was born in Kenya but false newspaper announcements and a falsified birth certificate were somehow created and placed into the archives of corporate and governmental entities in order to create a false claim to citizenship for Obama.  This amazing bit of conspiratorial planning then paid off in 2008 by allowing a “secret Muslim, foreign born, non-citizen” to be elected as POTUS. 
          This bit of conspiracy supposedly took place before Obama was even conceived.  As far-flung as this was, it attracted millions of idiots willing to believe it and to trumpet it during the 2008 campaign.  It is now being dragged back onto the platforms at nearly every opportunity to use it against Obama. 
          I find it impossible to understand the intellectual vacuum that allows anyone to find such a lie plausible. I find myself wondering if this somehow allows the GOP/teavangelist base to ignore the hatred and racism that are really at the heart of the anti-Obama campaign.  The GOP/teavangelist base denies any racism and bigotry in their efforts to defeat and delegitimize Obama.  Yet, there have been decidedly racist signs at teavangelist rallies and frankly bigoted campaign speeches by several of the GOP candidates. 
          There is, however, still one shred of truth evident in the anti-Obama efforts.  Senator McConnell has promised every conceivable effort by the GOP/teavangelists to make Obama a one-term POTUS.  During the last 3 years, it has become all too evident that they will destroy the country if that is how they can defeat Obama.  We need to accept this promise as true.  They fully intend to obliterate the social safety nets, destroy the schools, and wipe out the economy and the middle class in order to sink Obama. 
          Wonder how deluded the teavangelist have become?

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