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10 May 2012 The answers I have yet to hear

Posted at 10:59 AM ET, 05/10/2012
No celebration for this lesbian
By Lauren Taylor
I’m a progressive, out lesbian, but I’m not doing a happy dance about President Obama’s support for gay marriage.
Here’s the thing: I don’t think we (the country, the society) should be giving rights, privileges and protections to anyone — gay, straight, bisexual or other — based on their sexual or romantic relationships. I think most of the rights and privileges gay men and lesbians are seeking by pursuing marriage rights should be granted to human beings because they are human beings, whether or not they find one person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

Cassi Creek:  When I wind up indicating that I support gays, lesbians, and other minorities in their quest for the right to marry, it is certain that someone will proclaim that such action will, somehow, damage or de-sanctify marriage between two heterosexuals.  Generally they use “man and woman (or man and wife) depending upon their placement on the fundamentalism scale. 
          This always causes me to wonder what it is about such a coupling that harms what is felt to be a “traditional pairing.  No one in the opposing camp has ever offered me a rational and/or valid answer.  If pushed hard enough the religious far-rightist will sputter a bit, then hide behind a line or two in Leviticus, insisting that “God” wants it that way.  Convenient, and unproven; the supposed words of Moses, purportedly speaking for the mythical deity he encountered in a flaming shrub, are invoked as if such invocation is supposed to overturn reason, rationality, science (many disciplines) and automatically win any and all arguments. 
          I don’t accept the premise of biblical or papal infallibility.  I don’t believe that any religion’s sacred text is accurate in translation or free from political and cultural bias.  I don’t believe that two men or two women joining in legal and civil partnership damages my relationship with Gloria.   I find no reason to fear that any other couple undergoing a public or private religious service will cause any harm to the deep commitment to each other that Gloria and I share.  I don’t expect property devaluation, swarms of locusts, mysterious plagues, or armed invaders from a neighboring state, a competing theocracy, or a distant galaxy.  I don’t expect a mob of gay or lesbian parents trying to destroy the PTA.  I’m just not worried by a couple obtaining a civil partnership license at the county offices.  If “they” (any “they”) can afford a formal religious production number with attendants, parties, and a secret destination, more power to them.  They aren’t likely to lower my property values, although I may lower theirs. 
          Lauren Taylor doesn’t answer my question.  Her article does, however, suggest several reasons we should applaud such unions.  In my youth, inter-racial marriages were illegal and rare.  They happen every day now, in every state in the union.  The world is changing, the teavangelists and GOP don’t like that, can’t stop the loss of WASP power brokers and bankers who run the world.  There will eventually be unopposed pairing of gays, lesbians, and other minorities.  It will take time but it will happen because people manage to break the ice, bust the block, and teach the next generation that all humans deserve the same rights.  In the end, it will simply become standard practice.
          The answer to the question remains missing.  I’ve heard many Reponses that display fear, bigotry, lack of education, and religious brainwashing.  I don’t expect to hear an accurate one any time soon.  

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