Tuesday, May 29, 2012

29 May 2012 If the shoe fits, you’re fortunate.

          I.ve worn size 12 boots and shoes since I was in junior high school.  My foot is also narrow by American standards.  I spent most of my first 45 years in boots.  The next 10 or so years I spent in running shoes, sandals, or sloppy fitting boat shoes.  The resultant feet do not present choice in footwear. 
          My old companion, New Balance 941 shoes, purchased in Bradenton FL ca 1995 are beginning to fall apart at the seams.   The mid and inner soles are compressed to the point that they provide no cushioning effect.  Clearly, the time has come to break down and buy new shoes. 
          Gloria had an ophthalmology appointment in Johnson City this morning.  Since we knew that she would be unable to drive home safely, I drove her into town.  After her appointment, we went to the local outdoor sports outfitter, Mahoney’s. 
          I made my way to the shoe/boot wall and asked the sales associate for “Size 12, Gore-tex, cross-trainer that can withstand 2 miles/day on pavement.  Oh, yeah, throw in a narrow heel, high arch, and a European toe box. “
          If the sales folks don’t immediately hear a page to the offices, I begin to dare to hope.  Normally they don’t stick with me past “Size 12.”  Today I was presented 5 pairs of shoes to try on.  Three had insufficient toe room.  One was uncomfortable at the ankle.  And the last one was “just right!”  Well, the last one had possibilities.  So I asked to try it in a 13.  Amazingly, the 13 fits.  I’m wearing it around the house tonight.  I have to be at VA on Friday PM.  I’ll know by then whether or not the new shoes remain with me. 
          There is line of thunderstorms building to the southeast.  Another line is building to our northwest and sagging to the southeast.  It may be a noisy evening.  The pool needs water, and dinner is to be leftovers.  An inch of precip would be tolerable.  

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