Wednesday, May 16, 2012

16 May 2012 Sashimi at sundown

          The alarm clock does not call me to manage an IV infusion.  We hope, most sincerely, that this round of medication has been effective.  Instead, 0500 announced that I was required to roll out and get into town for my semi-annual primary care visit.  So, I reset the alarm for another 12 minutes, burrowed back in, and then, allowed my personal guilt to force me into getting up and facing the day.  So much for grabbing an extra bit of sleep.
          I found some sashimi-grade tuna at the grocery store.  We’ll dine on sashimi, salad, and strawberries tonight.  The berry season is nearly over.  Then it will be a short wait until local corn is available.  
          Allergies are troubling this year.  I could buy OTC meds but they all dry my eyes to the point where I’m looking at the world through an overlay of old gas station maps.  I now look forward to the first hard frost of the year. 
          At the doctor’s office, I brought up the tremor and shaking that I’m finding more and more troubling.  It began around the same time as a medication change took place.  It was decided that we (read that as “I” would change to a combination statin to see if the symptoms changed for the  better, for the worse, or did not change. 
          Now I need to slice the sashimi, avoiding bits of me.    

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