Sunday, May 27, 2012

27 May 2012 And we have ignition

          The pool is officially open, I guess. The pool heater lit off this morning like a jet engine igniting.
          Gloria spent the last several days trimming and cleaning the pool area.  The water is probably as clear as our existing filters can make it.  The solar blanket might deliver a few more °F to the water, but by this time tomorrow, the propane heater will most likely take it up to operating temperature.  
          Memorial Day is upon us.  The nation now celebrates the beginning of summer with automobile sales, automobile races, and an unhealthy fascination with acquiring a suntan.  Beer sales ramp up in synchronicity with DUI arrests. Only peripherally do most of the citizens recall the occasion for the three-day weekend. 
          There was an article in the local newspaper praising the local VA hospital.  Overall, I’ve received adequate to good care in the VA healthcare system.   The waits for services and routine examinations are no longer than most patients experience in the Insurance-controlled quasi-private system and much shorter than the waits experienced by patients with no insurance or with highly restrictive policies.  I’m happy to have VA as an option in healthcare delivery. 
          Of course, the price of VA care can be enormously expensive.  We should never forget that, and those who pay the highest cost.  For some reasons, car sales and car races just don’t indicate to me that the public understands the real price. Or the real reason for the day.

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